The Horse Trough

horse trough reunion

The horse trough shown in the left-hand picture was sculpted for Cyril Blacket from a single block of sandstone to commemorate his wife Christian Jessie Blacket who died aged 50 on September 10, 1911. These details are carved on the front panel. Thanks to the efforts of the Basin Bushcare Group, Shoalhaven City Council was persuaded to approve its removal to the Tasman Road Reserve. Until the 24th of September 2003 the trough had sat in front of the shops in Island Point Road. In this position it was close to the busy road and sadly, some 5 years previously, it was struck by a runaway truck and broke into 2 pieces. Although repaired the break is quite obvious on close inspection. With the passage of time the Blacket trough became the property of a Sydney man (Les McManus). He kindly donated the trough to the Council for safe keeping. On the 24th the trough was moved to the Tasman Road site with the assistance of Ron of the St Georges Basin Building Supplies and his offsider Bob using the yard's forklift and truck.

A plaque now provides information about the trough and the Blackets. This location is very appropriate since it is now very close to the site of the former Blacket home. On the 24th of April 2004 a special ceremony was held beside the trough to unveil the plaque. Some fifty people attended, among which were some descendants of Cyril and Jessie who took part in the ceremony. The right-hand image shows (from left to right)

Maureen Webb (St Georges Basin) - Maureen and Norm Webb were instrumental in the creation of the plaque, and the organisation of the unveiling ceremony which included the reunion of a number of Cyril and Christian's decendants. In particular:-
Richard Blacket (Sydney) - Richard is a grandson,
Kenneth Blacket (Sydney) - Kenneth is also a grandson, and
Jean Plaisted (Queensland) - Jean is a granddaughter.
Rebecca Rudd (Shoalhaven Ward 3 Councillor) - Rebecca represented the Council at the ceremony.

If you want to see the relationship between the three Blackets (they are cousins) and grandparents, Cyril and Christian, link to the family tree.

After the unveiling ceremony most people retired to the Scout hall (for the proverbial cup of tea) to inspect a small exhibition which provided information about Cyril Blacket, Tasman House, the horse trough, the well, St Georges Basin, the Bushcare Group, etc.


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