The Tasman House Well

similar well

Shown here is a South Coast well which can readily be inspected. It sits in front of the Mollymook Surf Lifesaving Club and is similar to the one which existed beside Tasman House. The Tasman House well collected rainwater from the house roof and was completely brick lined finishing with a domed top as can be seen here. There would have been a pump (almost certainly hand operated) to extract the water. The domed top was to protect the well from stock, etc. There are a few older residents around who can remember the Tasman House well before it was filled in and the ground surface flattened off.

Although the exact position of Tasman House had not been established, its well (less its domed top) has recently been located in Tasman Road Reserve. This determination, in connection with old photographs, enables a much more precise location for the building. A request to Shoalhaven Council is being considered which would unearth a small portion of the well for display to the public.

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