Environment, History and Heritage at St Georges Basin

This is by way of an introductory page to provide some general information on the content of this website. A collection of environmental, historical and heritage matters is presented, mainly from the St Georges Basin area but also from other parts of the South Coast. Because of the nature of St Georges Basin much of the time the discussion is on environmental matters in a suburban setting. Some of the topics relate to the work performed by, and the interests of, local volunteer groups and individuals involved in bushcare, the care of native animals, birdwatching, native plants, etc. Note that in some instances - the pages on animals, birds and plants for example - it is not possible to talk about every creature that walks or flies, or every plant in the bush and garden. The same consideration applies to environmental problems. So instead we give you our preferences.

You can start your journey through the website by making a selection from the list below which presents the major pages in this site. While this method is the quickest way to reach these pages you can also use the Google search engine provided (unfortunately some Google ads will also show themselves). The news page will be updated as matters of interest and concern come to hand so keep your eye on this. The page will usually be restricted to about ten items - most recent at the top. When a new item is listed the last one (the oldest) will be removed.

Blue Wrens Retreat

Blue-wrens Retreat is one of the reserves looked after by the Basin Bushcare Group. Have a look under the Bushcare link above. The image shows part of the reserve immediately after laying down some weed matting in early 2003.

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